We are a communication design agency with a simple belief.
If you say anything interestingly enough, you will be heard.
We should know.
We’ve spent most of our working lives striking up interesting conversations with consumers.
And as with anything that’s diligently done for long periods, we’ve become pretty good at it!

What do we do?

Response Advertising.
The kind that gets an immediate and tangible response.
For an FMCG, that’s POS and shopper communication.
For our BFSI friends, it’s seller aids, lead generations and other BTL material.
From packaging and POS design to digital films, presentations and AVs, any
communiation that has a clearly defined response objective is our cup of tea!

What else
do we do?

We don’t have any clients.
We just have friends in various companies, who need the kind of help we are experts in providing.
And since we work with friends, there’s a lot of stuff we do for them that you’d be surprised to know we do. Here’s a few examples -


A poster that looks red in Mumbai is Pink in Bangalore and Orange in Delhi. What to do? Even allowing for a certain amount of hyperbole, final printed material not being standardised is a huge pain point. We helped in laying down the law for one of our friend’s suppliers across the country. Result? Red stays Red!


You want to get some people together to discuss, brain storm or some such, noble creative endeavours. Not going to work unless the participants are sufficiently enthused. Themed workshops with cool activities are a sure fire way to get those creative juices flowing.


How do you give a boring sales numbers presentation an adrenaline shot? You make a custom presentation with a cool skit between the virtual and real presenter!


So you’re a big company. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money in creating great advertising material. Now what do you do with it after it's released? Content storage and management helps companies catalog their digital assets and enables repurposing.


We are a bunch of misfits.

We have dropouts,
ex-engineers, IT guys,
even someone who used to
manage a McDonald’s outlet.

We really don’t have any
business being here.

Yet we are and have been
for a while.

The one common thread
that binds us is that we are
here because we’ve chosen
to be here.

Because we love Advertising.

And unless the whole world
conspires to chuck us out of
business, we aren’t going

How does a guy who dropped out of college without graduating, manage to get into advertising, work for 8 years, quit to set up his own shop and then run it successfully for 15 years and counting?
That was rhetoric, we don’t know either.

Sagar Pusalkar

Founder & CEO

Retired electrical engineer, who led massive infrastructure projects all his career, finally got sucked into the mad ad world.
Keeps us grounded and ensures the madness stays away from money matters.

Shisheer Pusalkar

Founder & CFO

A printing technologist who ran a successful IT company in Trivandrum before selling it and moving to Mumbai. This is a guy who used to read the economic times end to end when he was 18.
Quite appropriate that he ended up as a ‘Business’ head.

Jose Thomas

Business Head & CTO

"If you can keep your head when all about you,
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you..."
- Lines from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’.
If you haven’t already, read it.
That’s Akshaya he’s written about.

Akshaya Karande

Head of Account Management

Eccentric, crazy with an esoteric way of expression and dress. Hallmarks of typical creative people. But not Jayesh.
For a creative powerhouse, Jayesh is remarkably grounded and sober. An efficient manager and a disciplined thinker, he has a knack for delivering creative solutions that are also great business solutions

Jayesh Phatarpekar

Creative Chief

He was the Manager of a McDonald’s outlet near a busy college junction dealing with a bunch of hyperactive juveniles with outrageous demands and wafer thin attention spans.
Now, he’s the production manager of an advertising agency, dealing with a bunch of hyperactive juveniles with outrageous demands and wafer thin attention spans.

Atish Sawant

Production Manager


We’re a friendly, affable bunch (If you haven’t got that by now, we’ve done a pretty rotten job of writing this website).
We smile. A lot!
We’re courteous, and polite, and ever ready to help.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Just our work.
We don’t believe in too much hierarchy. Everyone gets the same amount of respect.
And though we’re growing rapidly, we intend to hold on to all the things that make us…, well... us!